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Solving water problems through natural bioremediation

Easy-to-use, cost-effective and 100% natural solution for a clearer, cleaner and healthier water. 

Pool and Spa

Work for both salty and water. Help reduce chemicals, cleaning and don’t let cyanobacteria or algae bloom.


Assists all steps of organic matter breakdowns, without the need for oxygen and make it more available for fish.


Reproduce natural prebiotics to boost nitrogen cycle, immune system, to increase production and growth.


Natural floculant production and an effective bacterial balance to consume natural waste while helping nature.

The Water Cleanser solution

The Water Cleanser is a prebiotic water treatment system that cleans water by bioremediation, providing the critical carbon source and a habitat for Bacillus sp (bacteria), which resets the nitrogen cycle, producing biological nitrate as energy for diatoms and microalgae. This resetting of the nitrogen cycle kick-starts nature’s own water cleaning.

Values & benefits

– Clearer, cleaner and healthier water
– 100% natural 
– Cost-effective
– Reduce need for cleaning and save water
– improve system efficiency

– Acts as natural floculant

– Dramatically reduce chemicals use
– Adaptable to all kind of water systems
– Help preserve and restaure all form of life

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