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TWC Block is passive technology which restores the natural balance in aquatic ecosystems by providing a favourable habitat for beneficial bacteria. This is achieved through the provision of carbon elements infused in a wax block, containing millions of microscopic capillaries of the size that act as a protective home for all beneficial bacteria. This also creates ideal conditions for the proliferation of bacterial species Bacillus to an extent where the colonies form a microbial mat. The populations of Bacillus are able to convert phosphorus into forms which become available for other beneficial organisms to consume whilst suppressing detrimental species such as E.coli and Cyanobacteria.

Bacillus produces enzymes which split nutrient cells down to a size that the nitrogen cycle bacteria can consume. When you have a nutrient overload the small nutrient cells reattach to the larger ones; this becoming a nitrification inhibitor as the nitrogen cycle bacteria cannot consume these larger nutrient cells.

TWC Block activates a natural doubling time in Bacillus.

Under laboratory conditions, one Bacillus bacteria becomes 8000 in 10 hours. With this natural doubling time, stimulated by the presence of TWC Block, one bacterium becomes 8 million in 10 hours. This then naturally allows more enzyme production to cope with the excess nutrient load splitting the cells back down to a size the nitrogen cycle bacteria can consume, producing biological nitrate as energy for diatoms and microalgae which then naturally eliminates cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).

Once the cycle of cyanobacteria has been broken the whole aquatic ecosystem is able to regenerate. Nutrient loads to lakes and rivers can be greatly reduced by combining the use of TWC Block with the implementation of best management practices. This will result in the aquatic ecosystem of any lake and river to be restored.

TWC Block doesn’t provide any microbes or bacteria into the water; it is just a home for natural bacteria to live in and multiply in. Curtin University has shown that TWC holds 832% more bacteria than normal mediums.

Here at TWC International we know that in some situations man has completely killed all bacteria living in a waterway and in these situations we must confirm what has killed the bacteria, treat the contaminant and reintroduce bacteria back to the waterway. Introducing bacteria to any waterway will always provide a quick clean up but if not done correctly it will also create bio-toxins caused by only completing one part of the complete biological cycle. Introduced bacteria will never do as good as job as enhancing the natural bacteria of an area which always completes the biological cycle. So here at TWC International when we provide bacteria we will use multiple species which concentrate on the first part of the biological cycle, which helps the natural bacterial groups back into place so the full nitrification and denitrification process in water is completed.